Our choice of lifestyle is definitely not normal, but it is actually becoming more common. There are a ton of travelling blogs out there, including families. Below are some of the questions we are typically asked when informing friends about our journey ahead:

What will you do in Belize?

Whatever we want!!!


But won’t you get bored?

For starters, we have so many things we want to do! The eco-community we have joined has a lodge/hostel and a large fruit-veggie garden. We will help initially with bookings and making sure guests enjoy their stay but our plan is to actually build cabanas and a restaurant so that guests have a more “luxurious” stay without paying the price of high-end resorts. We also want to improve the lodge’s marketing efforts. Melissa will be world-schooling the kids and trying to finish her book she started writing while in Sweden. Magnus will work with the caretaker on the 100 acres to enlarge the garden, build, or landscape pathways to the creek, for instance. He also wants to partner with local farmers in exporting super foods to Texas and Sweden. On top of all this we want to have fun, do some traveling and maintain this blog!

What about friends and family?

We feel like weekend or even weekly visits are so chaotic. When we visit Texas or Sweden, we want to live like we live there. Have a normal symbiotic relationship during these 1 -3 month-long visits. That’s why we have decided to stay as close to family as possible when we are actually visiting. We don’t know if this means we will eventually have a “home” in each country.

Why can’t you just have the lifestyle you want in Texas or Sweden instead?

Good question. Maybe we can. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to try out Belize and this eternal desire to experience the rainforest. Even Texas is a little too cold and dreary for Melissa during the winters.

Aren’t you worried about the girls safety in Belize?

Sure. But we are just as worried on the freeways in Texas, as in Belize. We will take some precautions. For instance we won’t be driving or in the city anytime close to dark. We plan to spend almost all of our time at the eco-community, making shopping trips about once a week, max so the girls can go to dance or karate class in the city.

How did you find the eco-community Hummingbird Haven?

See our post entitled, Finding Hummingbird. We basically were looking for B&B’s and stumbled across this beauty with huge potential. It wasn’t for sale but after inquiring, were told that it had an option to purchase shares in the community. This was a win-win situation for us since we intend to travel and cannot maintain the property independently.


Can anyone buy into Hummingbird Haven?

There are some shares available, but I wouldn’t say “anyone”. It’s mainly for persons looking to share a community with others… not “investors”. I would recommend it for individuals/families looking to live in Belize at least a couple of months per year.

What about an income? How will you make money?

That’s the beauty of this plan. By decreasing our cost of living, Magnus can actually invest our savings instead of having it “sit” in the ownership of a house. Plus, the eco-community is nearly and will soon be off-the-grid and the few costs it has like internet are shared costs between all members. This is what we want — shared independence.

Is this nomadic lifestyle good for the kids?

We don’t think a nomadic or worldschooling lifestyle is negative. However, we feel this is a compromise. We will be in each country for several months at a time. The girls are already comfortable in Texas and Sweden. We think they will also love Belize just by the pure fact that both Mom and Dad will not be working at an office 8 to 5. Instead we as a family will experience and explore life together 24/7. We believe this solution completes us since we are pro-nature, pro-community, and pro-happiness.

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