About us

We are a family of four + dog. Husband from Sweden, wife from Texas and 2 bilingual children. By living in Belize during the winters, Sweden during the summers and Texas in between, we hope to spend true quality time with both of our families, experience the best of each climate as well as keep the girls language and cultural roots strong.


Magnus – Main blogger – The only real source of testosterone in the family since even the dog is female. Former banker that felt a bit trapped and wanted to break free for an adventure.


Melissa – Part-time blogger and editor – Worked as a Business Analyst on two continents. Is hoping that the cool breeze of Belize will tone down her need to plan everything.

Olivia – Fountain of Youth – Determined young girl that loves dramatic play. Wants to be Batman.

Saga – Tiny dancer – Smiling or crying, either way she is a sweetie at heart. First two words -“I know”.

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