Running the car on Butane

We ran in to an interesting Canadian  couple that had also moved down to Belize with kids. The guy told me that the first thing he did was to convert his car to run on butane (it can still run on gasoline). This way his fuel costs was cut in more than half. This sounded interesting to me, so I started to gather information about it and came to the conclusion that this was an awesome idea. 1000 USD later I now have a 13 gallon (50 liter) gas tank in the back. Supposedly over 100 million cars are converted in Asia which makes total sense to me. 

The way the vehicle is converted is supprisingly easy and the car runs much cleaner than on gasoline. This means that you do not have to swap fuel filters etc. as often which saves you even more money. Also, since I now have to tanks, I can drive almost twice as far before I need to refuel!


This makes me wonder if you as easily can convert a car to run on hydrogen gas? This would turn the exhaust into water, redusing CO2 emissions as well as allowing people to produce there own vehicle fuel at home from electricity. E.g. when your solar system is over producing electricity, you set it to produce hydrogen that is stored in a tank. This clean gas can be used as an alternative to batteries since you can turn it in to electricity as well as use it as fuel for your vehicle. You could of course use electricity from the grid as well if you are unable to produce your own power. Converting vehicles would solve the issue of using even more energy and natural resources when constructing more energy efficient and “greener” cars.


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