Back in Belize

Pictures speak a thousand words… Staircase without the mahogany steps. Mahogany kitchen under cunstruction from scratch. I guess the bio digestor is good for storing tools.     Edited with BlogPad Pro

Luxuries of Triple Living

We had a 2 day layover in Istanbul before heading back to Texas. We didn’t get to taste the amazing Turkish Delights due to Olivia’s nut allergy but did get to do quite a bit of sightseeing despite small kids in tow. It’s a wonder we didn’t lose them in the spice market.

When checking in for our return flight, we were offered to wait a day and get a large amount of money per person plus hotel and meals paid. We didn’t have a job or school to return to… So, we said why not? Wouldn’t it be nice if this would happen on every flight in the future — we will definitely start asking.

This year in numbers

Since we sold our house in Austin last October and set base in Belize, we will have: – Lived out of suitcases for 298 days – Woken up in 32 different rooms – Traveled on 17 airplanes and 13 boats – Swam in 2 oceans, 5 seas – Hiked to numerous waterfalls in at least …