It is TIME to give back!

When I started working within Finance the “you are as successful as your watch” mentality was a big factor — and probably still is. This meant that since a man can only wear their wedding ring and/or a watch as jewelry, the watch became the main focus as a symbol of status. I saved up and bought a relatively “inexpensive” watch for a bit over 5,ooo USD ( my co-workers had watches at 12,000 and even 18,000 USD). However, a dear friend of mine said when he heard the price of my watch, – “Does it do anything else besides show the time?”….


Point taken, there is not room in my current life for a overpriced watch. So, I went to Kaplans auktions ( to have them put out my watch for sale. Auction starting price at 2200 USD (15000 SEK)! The money generated from the sale will fund 2 projects in Belize that I want to start;

1) Sponsor the girl’s football team of St. Margaret’s village (neighboring village in Belize)

2) Sponsor schools so that they can have organic vegetable gardens built and operated by the school children.

I cannot deny that being born as a typical white male in a westernized nation, I have welcomed a range of benefits that seemed to me at the time to be basic rights. It is not all luck, though most of it is. Bob Marley once said “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”
It is TIME for us to be great and give back!


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