Off Track

The family is reunited in Sweden and it feels GOOD! We might conquer and divide again, but never again for 3 weeks!

Flying and “moving” from country to country always gets us out of sync. Sleep schedules, our strict no sugar diet, the to-do list and online work take a back seat while reconnecting with good friends and family.

This trip was especially difficult because Olivia seemed to have suffered a minor concussion from falling off a horse the day before we flew. She didn’t actually hit her head but the fall must have shaken the brain enough to cause damage. The airplane ride increased her nausea due to the decrease in oxygen levels while flying. It took her 3 days to recover and her intake of liquids during this period was minimal. I was really worried. Saga had difficulty understanding why her sister slept constantly and didn’t want to play. Occasionally Saga would try to give Olivia kisses and stroke her arm but Olivia would scream to get her away.


But Olivia recovered almost as quickly as it started and we are all in play mode now. The cousins are out at the cottage and playing so well together. We have had exceptionally perfect weather in Sweden. Magnus’ parents are letting us stay in a really cozy cottage of theirs and we can take buses everywhere. We need to figure out a house solution for Texas but otherwise, our first “round” of triple living has had some real advantages.


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