5 PROS about Sweden!

Saga and I finally arrived in Sweden after a door to door duration of over 27 hours (we flew thru Istanbul). After a calm and very nice midsummer with Sagas cousins, my parents, my sister and my grandmother I am now facing a new reality. With night temperatures close to freezing and the day time peaking at 12 C (53.6 F), rain/wind and a nasty cold is not really comparable to my vision of this visit. Regardless, I have decided to stay optimistic and focus on the positive. So, given my current life style, what are the true Pros about Sweden?

– Sweden is almost boringly safe. However, that is exactly what you want as a parent. No dangerous animals, no real crime (crime exist, but in comparison – not really), no real corruption and a system that benefits most of its citizens.

– While I try to ignore that the sensitive Baltic Sea is facing severe environmental challenges I cannot deny that Sweden is a clean place. Drinkable water on tap, clean air and no real litter puts it high on the clean list!

– Global awareness and political discussions are part of Swedish culture which can lead to interesting discussions. The “respect others opinions” motto allows most discussions to stay friendly and hopefully everyone gains from a broadened perspective.The fact that swedes understand that pity lying does not last in the long run speaks of nationwide maturity.

– Buses are mostly on time and carpenters will work on hourly pay without being supervised. I am not claiming that swedish handy-men are saints and won’t over-charge you, but rather that even swedish handy-men have some sort of basic work ethics.

– When the weather is good, Sweden is great! Not many parts of the world beats Sweden in its essay. To bad it is a very rare occasion but nevertheless a highly appreciated one.

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