Relaxing Rockies

So, how is the atmosphere up at 8000 feet? Well, there is something calming about the individuals residing here. They seem happy with what they have instead of unhappy about what they lack. Maybe it is just the fact that they live in a treasure, and what a treasure it is. The Rocky Mountains are absolutely gorgeuos!

Arriving at the Estes Park.


Supposedly, the Rockies support 1/4 of the USA with water. Pictured here is Alberta falls at 9240 feet (2816 meters).

Olivia and I hiking down some wet snow. Not very easy in tennis shoes. Saga is deathly afraid of touching or even standing on it.

Olivia the hiker with a stick growing out of her head.

To tell you the truth. Hiking rocks! Especially in the Rocky Mountains ;-).


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