Denver Pet Detective


With a Swedish feel to it, with wind, cold and even hail laying on the ground, Colorado embraced us. On our first day as a family in Denver, the natural choice was the childrens museum of Denver. Given that it is ranked among the top children museums in the US, our expectations were high. After Olivia tried out every job from firefighter to carpenter we finally found a Vet clinic. Apperently a large German Shephard was sick and Doctor O-miestere had to do a check up.


The verdict was harsch, the dog had cancer and worms in his butt. Then she asked me when the dogs birthday was and I replied in 9 days. She looked at me and explained in a serious voice; on the tenth day, the day after his birthday, he would die! 

So far Denver seems like a great town even though we had to sit in the hotel stairwell for a while because of an immediate tornado warning. Still no pancakes yet for a better verdict.


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