Staying Alert in Texas

Firstly, we have to apologize for not blogging for a good 3 weeks. After experiencing the calm and simple life in Belize, Texas feels like a whirlwind that has swept us away. 


Olivia joined the swim team, which practices everyday Monday to Friday and upcoming competitions on Saturdays. On top of this, Olivia and I are taking karate classes on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays. 

Saga has joined a little dance class on Wednesdays so that she also has something of her own. Her favorite song has always been tiny dancer by Sir Elton John.

Throw in some worldschooling, potty training, baby showers, wedding showers, 2 upcoming graduations, social life + family and you get the idea. We still keep track of all the bookings and invoices for the business in Belize on top of dealing with our home’s construction from a distance.

The 3 rules of karate (

1) Keep your distance

2) Keep your eyes on the bad guy

3) Stay Alert

We are definitely staying alert!


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