Swedish castaway

Having this alternative lifestyle does not only broaden myself, it also teaches me what I respect and even cherish about my own background. For instance, we started noticing that something was off here and neither Melissa nor I could lose the sense that someone or something wanted us to fail. Really weird things started to happen and we were almost ready to pack our bags (just based on a gut feeling). Long story short, someone was telling lies.

When this drama was unfolding, I happened to run in to a Swedish “go gubbe” (a good guy) that ended up staying at the hostel. A man named Kenneth Wallin, who is currently on his bicycle all the way from Alaska to Brazil (Btw: It is called SWEDISH STEEL for a reason), and is doing this to gather money for the children of the world. The links below have some more info about him and his cause.



Having such a great ambassador from Sweden to be the first Swedish guest since we arrived in Belize reminded me about my Swedish cultural inheritage. I am not claiming that Swedish people do not lie, but lying is culturally unacceptable in Sweden. It is one of the worst things you can do as a person and will easily leave you alone with no friends. However, as I have learned the hard way, lying is more accepted and even expected in a broad part of the Belizean culture. In my opinion liars tend to distrust other people since they are aware of their own character. Because of this, they cannot have any close friends and go through life without experiencing the gift of friendship. How empty such a life would be…


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