Construction begins


We started to build our Belezian house just two days ago. Given that the Belezian way is purely operating with man power, I am amazed at how fast things are going. The skills that they possess about the total construction is incredible. When they need something done, like bending the steel, they just build a tool/machine out of the bush in order to do so. 


The knowledge they have is similar to what every man had in the States and Europe just 100 years ago in order to stay alive. It makes me wonder if say a monetary collapse would occur, would the western world still be able to lead the future? How quickly would it take a consumeristic world to transform into a self-reliant community? Forgetting the most basic things like how to survive might prove to be very costly and I sure hope we do not have to find out. Still I cannot help to feel impressed to see what these guys have done numerious times before they reach the age of 20.


I will try to give an update every other week.




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