A whole new world

Life looks very different in this new world and though we have adjusted, we are still surprised each day with the way things work or how they don’t. I still cant understand how Belizians know which language to speak to one another in — Mayan, Spanish, Garfuni, Creole, German (the Mennonites) or English??

The first slaughter since our arrival took place a couple of days ago… 2 roosters. Olivia enjoyed watching despite its gorriness. Here is a pic of plucking feathers afterwards. 

We have had 2 power outages so far. Both only lasted a couple of hours. Supposedly, this doesnt happen too often.

Magnus and I were appointed Business Managers of the lodge so we have to take care of the guests, bookings and payment. Sounds easy but is taking up a lot of time. We can switch off with our Property Manager to sneak away to the beach occassionally so I wouldn`t exactly call it a full-time job.


Internet is fast some days and slow other days in the Mayan Mountains where we live. Sunday mornings seem to work well when everyone is either at church or hungover. I have decided to start writing all emails and blogs offline and upload them at once when I drive to the hill.

The sun has been down now for 2 hours which means it is bedtime despite only being 8 pm. We pretty much follow the sun for our sleep schedule since physical work at this jungle farm leaves us exhausted each night. Night night for now.


One thought

  1. Oh så intressant och spännAnde ert nya liv låter. Vi ser fram emot att få uppleva lite av det och träffa er i slutet av mars. Vad säger du om våra planer är det ok om vi kommer den 26/3 på fm och åker hem på fm den 15/4. Det var de billigaste biljetterna kunde hitta det innebär att vi kan fira Tommys 65 års dag med er. När åker ni till Houston den 15/4? Nu ska jag snart borsta av snönpå bilen och tanka. I morgon kör jag till Stockholm äter lunch med min kusin Yvonne och träffar Isak och Noel på em sover hos Tessan och hämtar Tommy på Arlanda på fredag morgon. Vi hörs på Skype i kväll. Många kramar till er alla Madeleine

    Skickat från min iPhone

    > 27 jan 2014 kl. 18:26 skrev “Triple Living” :

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