Swapping abstract for concrete


As I walk from overlooking the newly dug vegetable gardens towards the creek where I hear my oldest daughter laughing, I finally realize what I have done. Just two years ago, I was selling interest rate derivatives on the trading floor in Sweden. If I was to explain what that means, it would probably sound something like this.

– “I bought and sold ability contracts related to future cashflows of interests derived from a currency, which is a man-made debt regulating tool.” Reading this sounds abstract to me. I cannot find anything concrete in dealing with contracts linked to something that only has a value if one thinks it does.

Now on the other side, my days starts with using our own bananas and pinnapple mixed with our neighbors homemade raw milk yougurt. Not a very abstract environment.

I do miss some parts of my former job like “the thrill of the deal” and the pay check but besides some individual coworkers, not much more. Meeting at an artificial arena makes me wonder if I ever got to meet the same person as each individuals` friends and family did. Did this abstract environment bring forward a more abstract me? It definitely brought forward a more self-centered individual who competed over the crumbs from Rothschild’s table. Realizing that those crumbs to some extent are artificial, makes it all seem even more abstract. I guess the main difference now is that if I loose what I am dealing with today, more cannot be created out of thin air. This makes it all the more real to me.

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