The Lowdown

There is so much to say and so little time to say it. Friends and family all want to know… “How’s it going? Is it what you expected? And how are the kids coping?” So I am going to just run a short list:

The pros

  • We consume far less. It feels like we stepped back in time in terms of population density. It is peaceful and simple living.
  • It’s not harvest season yet but we already get some food from our property and have several other locals within a 5 min drive. Raw milk, yogurt and ice cream at the dairy farmers, fresh bread at the bakery and fruit and veggies at the stall. Such an enjoyable shopping experience.
  • The property is gorgeous. The encircling creek is amazing, kid-friendly and we can hear it from all spots on the property like a permanent waterfall sound to the ears.
  • We have seen a toucan, heard monkeys and haven’t seen a snake (except for a dead one on the way here).
  • The 30 min drive here from the capital is the prettiest I have been on.
  • The girls really like it.
  • We have already been handed some duties to co-manage the lodge. Pretty cool to get such a jump start into business ownership in the tourism industry. There is a lot to learn… And do!! 
The cons
  • The bugs biting our legs and arms are horrendous. We should not have worked wearing shorts at the end of the rainy season, a lesson learned with a price. We have swollen up and can barely walk. Luckily the girls have fared better. Supposedly this month is the worst recorded due to the excess rain, even for Belizeans, in the rainforest.
  • I don’t have a female friend. It seems males only drive cars and females stay at home with the cooking and cleaning all day. This was expected.
  • The rainforest and humidity are powerful forces. Things like appliances, furniture, etc can be ruined in a very short time. I didn’t realize the extent of this until now.
  • All home construction has its pros and cons due to the climate. There is no fantastic solution.
Some pics from the property:


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