Twas Belize

Twas the night before Belize, and all items crossed off,
not a bag left unstuffed, not even a cuff.

The luggage was loaded in the car with care,
in hopes that Morfar with drive us safely there;

and the girls in their clothes awaiting the wake,
that would come at 2 am for all goodness sake.

So we scurried into the car with the moon shining high
and drove to the airport and to say our goodbye.

When checking in, we were alerted of a matter —
our dog’s health certificate should be 2 days the latter!

We panicked, we thought what should we do? Can’t you just bend the rules a few?
“No,” the lady screamed; Bella cannot fly. Grab your things, now away with you!

There was no time, so we phoned home…
and sent Bella back in a taxi alone.

The flight went smoothly and we landed by noon,
our luggage was searched resulting in a clothe-monsoon.

With a Suzuki fully packed we then drove away
to visit the place that would be our next 3-month stay.

Greeted with kindness and smiles everywhere,
we are now living in a community eager to share.

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