13 hrs of turbulence

After an entire flight of turbulence across the Pacific Ocean, we arrived home safely on Dec 12th with a very LONG to-do list. But before we could knock this out, we caught the flu from my Dad and got the disappointing news that Magnus’s sister alone but not parents would be joining us in Texas for Christmas due to some health issues. Despite these set-backs, it was good to be “home” again and I am ecstatic that our trip went so smoothly with 2 young children. It has been a trip of a lifetime; pics nor stories cannot account for the experiences we have had.

Here are a couple from the last island we visited, Isle of Pines. I wouldn’t have minded if the boat left us on this one.


Turbulent is a good word to describe my brain right now. I can’t believe life can get so complicated just in a process to simplify it. And even though I normally still get a good nights rest, I am the closest I have ever been in my lifetime to an anxiety attack. Just our arrival day in Belize is enough to make my head spin.

But Christmas is around the corner and I am trying to block off periods of work and periods of relaxation since many of the to-do’s are never-ending thoughts in my mind. And just like the plane ride, only deep breaths are going to get me through this period… because it’s “all in my head”.


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