Don’t burn my ass

Lately, I have been having some problems choosing toilets. I realize that this is probably not a common problem since the WC is normally there where you use it and flush it. However, if you have to clean your drinking water, you probably don’t want to take a dump in it! In 1596 a flush toilet was installed at the Royal residence of England for Queen Elisabeth I, to ensure that Royal feces appeared odor-free. In the past 15 years or so there have been advances in waterless toilets that incinerate (burn) without any odor. These are my two options;



1) Storburn. It is big and quite ugly, but doesn’t have any pipe or plumbing connected to it. The downside is that it burns by using propane gas. Not 100% self-reliant, but a much better option than a bio digester (bio septic tank) from an environmental point of view. I must admit, I have a problem sitting on a giant propane based burning machine. To me, these moments should be stress-free and the last thing to worry about is a machine failure and a 3rd degree burn up my ass. Maybe it is just my inexperience with gas that scares me?


2) My second option is from Sweden and is called Flame 8000. Besides potentially the lamest name ever, it is a purely electric based incinerating toilet. Design-wise, it doesn’t look like it has been made in the former Soviet Union. However, it does require pipes, etc. It would make us more self-reliant since it would run on the electricity we produce. Getting potentially electrocuted adds a slight stress moment, but it does not scare as much as being burned. I have to admit that the “Made-in-Sweden” factor increases my trust, but maybe I am just biased.

I believe the incinerating toilet revolution is yet to come once industrial designers provide their touch, but I have to make a decision now. I hope it won’t be a crappy one!




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