Rockstars on the boat

The girls have maintained somewhat of a celebrity status onboard this ship. Over a thousand passengers and staff know their names and greet them constantly. When we enter elevators, guests seem a little starstruck overly finally getting a chance to chat with children. Olivia who is normally the social butterfly is even getting tired of the compliments and people touching her hair. I have to nudge her in order to muster a smile back.

But despite this temporary fame and glory, it’s funny how just a few Uncle Scrooges can ruin a day, an hour or an afternoon swim. A few have screamed at the girls so immaturely that I am actually proud of my children in these situations.

One family we met onboard have quite a difficult situation. After a traumatic death of the eldest daughter (18 yrs old), the mom and 2 siblings decided to break several months of mourning with this cruise to see if it could brighten their spirits. On top of this tragedy, the other daughter has throat cancer, is in terrible pain 24/7 and brought along her service dog (a little Chihuhua) on the boat. They have had numerous “Uncle Scrooges” scream at them and even try to kick their dog on the boat calling them and the dog all kind of names. Mind you, that the dog wears a service jacket at all times and has never misbehaved much less made a peep this entire trip. In fact, you barely notice the dog because it is so tiny and is basically trained not to move around from whatever position it is placed. This is such a damper on their trip since they are such lovely people that we have had the pleasure to meet.

It’s easy though to find myself being that “bah-hum-bug” person sometimes. Wanting to be first in line because kids are crying or basically putting the “me me me” in front of the “others”. However, I feel like more and more I am able to take a step back, look at the situation swirling around me and feel like I am at the calm of the storm… happy.

At first, the elderly on this boat seemed lifeless, going around slowly — with canes or wheelchairs and barely able to talk. But after 4 weeks into the journey, I realize the majority are some of the liveliest, inspirational, stable and happy bunch of folks that I have ever met. They are the real rockstars on the boat!


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