Making toys in Vanuatu

After a poor nights sleep we set foot at Port Vila on Efate, our first stop of two in the country Vanuatu. The sun was already warm and we were welcomed by aggressive taxi drivers. Melissa had prebooked a tour to see some island history and the Mele Cascades (waterfalls). At our first stop we found out that cannibalism was banned in the 1960’s which means that people alive today probably have had a human meal, legally. The tour guide was really cool and throughout the hike he showed Olivia at least ten different toys that can be created using plants etc. Anything from a wind propeller to a flute. The latter, I must admit, turned out to be a bit annoying as Olivia made it the days task to play as loud as possible. How can we teach creativity to our kids in line with nature, like this? It will be fun to try and see if we can.

We visited a second island in Vanuatu called Mystery Island. Nothing extremely mysterious about it though it had a cool airport, shown below.

(The airport terminal)

Olivias has been handing out stickers to kids on each island with a great response. She loves her stickers and we are happy that she enjoys giving.

By Vanuatu, maybe we will meet again.

One thought

  1. Var ligger Vanuatu.???? Jag får ta fram kartan och följa er på denna. Fantastiska resa jag är nu hos mormor som hälsar. Hon packar inför sin resa till Teneriffa på söndag. Kul för henne. Kramar mamma

    Skickat från min iPhone

    > 4 dec 2013 kl. 11:29 skrev “Triple Living” :

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