Friendly Fiji

Our first Fiji experience was at the largest city with a population of about 45,000 people. It was not the image of Fiji of wonderful islands that Westerners seem to have, but more similar to any tropical place. After visiting a crowded fruit and vegetable market, we decided to take a taxi out to a beach. The destination, a Shelton hotel resort, was far less interesting than the drive there and back. I could have sworn I was back in Belize passing “the sleeping giant” (Fiji has their own sleeping giant). Fiji is a bit wealthier than Belize and our “local guide” that came with the cab fair (that’s when you know you have overpaid significantly) was very pleasant.

(Even in Fiji they love Texas)

Fijians drink something called Kava, which basically is a drink made from special dried root powder. It tastes a bit muddy, numbs your throat as you consume it and literally acts as an anti-depressant. It’s kind of what ganja is to Jamaicans but probably not as strong.

Fijians also eat a lot of corn beef hash (canned corn beef) and they love it! Supposely it reminds them of human flesh from the time when you were more likely to be invited AS dinner instead of to dinner. Fiji back then (early 1800’s) was known as the cannibal islands which Hollywood showed in the movie “The Blue Lagoon”. I am glad there is no lack of food on Fiji now during the time of our visit and hopefully those odd food traditions won’t come back. One can only wonder what will happen if  the import of corn beef hash suddenly stopped…?

Our second Fiji stop was Dravuni Island, a small island with a village of 90 people living there. Olivia had a blast handing out her stickers to the kids, playing and talking with them. In the end they ended up climbing trees etc.

After a while I showed the kids my iPad and in a few seconds the kids where playing games on it. They said they had never seen an iPad, but that their school had a PC. When a later reclaimed my iPad because we where leaving, a 12-year-old girl kindly asked if I had a spare one. Maybe next time I will!

(Leaving the beautiful islands of Fiji)

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  1. This brings back great memories, Fiji is a beautiful place to explore! Enjoying the updates, keep enjoying the adventure.

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