A fluttery welcome to Lifou

We were greeted by hundreds, maybe thousands of black and white butterflies as we stepped off the boat at Easo, Lifou. This is supposedly a once-a-year occurrence that happens only on mating day. Highly unlikely that our ship designed its itinerary around this!

(Look carefully at the picture above. The flurry black dots,primarily in the upper right corner, are actually butterflies)

I could have sat under the coconut palms all day, watching Olivia swim and make friends with the Caledonian children. Olivia, like Magnus, loves speaking to strangers and picks up new friends wherever we go. On the ship, she plays cards with “Anne”, looks at pics with “Lily”, and exchanges stories with “John” about her own grandfather John and his “work on cars”. I pretend not to listen as its much more interesting when Olivia knows we aren’t anywhere nearby.

To end our relaxing day on this small island, an enormous sea turtle surfaced as we were exiting the pier. I could definitely spend more time here and it kind of gave me a sense of our new life just around the corner. Belize… I’m looking forward to ya!



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