Mellow Melbourne

Yet another sea day has passed since we got to experience the Tasmanian wildlife and we are finally in Melbourne. After taking the tram from the port to the city, the intense pulse you find in metropolitan cities embraced us. Melbourne is a cool city, sort of the Barcelona of Australia. So far, in my opinion, the citizens seem fairly young and active. Given the various buildings and fashion styles it seems to contain a high level of creativity. As always, traveling with kids first thing first and that means finding a playground. Fortunately, regardless of the population of 4.2 million people, the city is a kid-friendly and therefore it was “no biggie”!

(Quite large widespread playground by the river close to Fed Sq)

Melbourne is despite it’s size a relaxed city from a people point of view. Yes, the pace is higher yet the city appears to be relatively’ mellow. The only downside to our visit is that it is not during summer time because the city beach, like Barcelona, looked great. But the temperature climbed up above 20 degrees C (70 degrees F), which was fine by us. Negative aspects of the city…, the flies. Small flies everywhere!

(By Southgate, Melbourne’s number one lunching spot)

Goodbye “Mellow Melbourne”. I hope our paths shall cross once again, then hopefully during summertime!


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