Cutting costs

A top question we are asked (second to how to “follow” the blog) is how we can afford this lifestyle?

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Well, it is less about income, even though that is a necessity, and more about cutting costs! These are some ways to do it:

Community living – Living in a community is a great way to save money. There is no real need for everyone on a street to each own things such as a lawn mower, tools, washer/dryers, and even cars. This is something that could be implemented on every street as long as you get along with your neighbors. When such a platform exists, it is easier to expand the community take and potentially reach a level where the community invests in there own electricity production thru solar, hydro or wind systems and other ways to be self reliant and save on costs. This could easily be done by a co-owned LLC. The potential is endless with community gardens, fishtanks etc. to provide fresh organic food for everyone. It doesn’t get more locally produced than that!

Alcohol – One of the more unnecessary costs is alcohol. After discovering that I am sensitive to wheat and that beer was no longer an option, alcohol became less important. It is amazing how much you save by only having a glass of wine a month instead of on a more weekly or for many, daily basis.

Last minute deals – By being more flexible and patient, what you pay will decrease. We payed the same price for our whole family as was advertised per person for the NZ/AUS/FIJI cruise. Not bad!

Rewards credit card, coupons online, etc – The internet makes it so easy. Never pay full price. NEVER.

Misc items add up. Daily coffees, the gym, all of our unnecessary clothes we purchase, dry cleaning. You don’t have to give up it all but decide what really makes life easier or of a higher quality. 

Gym card – Instead of having a gym membership numerous apps exist that will give you an even better workout without the need of a gym. E.g. is Freeletics that could be downloaded for free or an upgraded pro version for 5 USD. The same goes for Yoga and other health related services.

Vegetarianism –  Less meat is good for the budget, your body and the planet.

Used toys – In our opinion, kids as young as ours have no concept of new vs. old toys. To them it is just toys.


To sum it up, think less about making more money and rather how to maximize what you have!! 






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  1. Great Blog Magnus. Read some of your posts – I’ll read the others later. The girls will greatly beneft from the real-world life experiences that you’re giving them. Congrats – Carolynne and Michael (the guy who STILL hasn’t tried Freeletics yet!)

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