Devils do exist!

After 3 long days at sea we finally set foot in Tasmania. The first day at sea was spent exploring the wonderful NZ fjordlands. Even if one has seen the Norwegian fjords, the NZ ones differ quite significantly and one should not exclude the other in terms of visitation. The other two sea days were spent eating, sleeping and fighting a nasty cold (Magnus). Needless to say, the sight of land was very welcomed.

But we did not just set foot at any place, we off-boarded in Tasmania, home of the Tasmanian devil. Somewhat 525 000 people live on Tasmania which means the nature here is relatively untouched. If you are looking for wildlife, Tasmania should definitely be on your list.

Olivia loved the kangoroos, especially the little one in the pouch.

This young koala was awake during our visit to the Wildlife refuge. We were lucky!

What a sight it was, hopping kangoroos and our kids in the middle of it. A memory that will last forever.

Above, the Tasmanian devil. The devil does not wear PRADA but still has a sence of fashion. The sound that it makes when it is upset is truly horrific, which rules out a career as an opera singer.

Tasmanians refer to mainland Australia as the north island and that’s where we will go tomorrow. I am thrilled that north means warmer and I cannot wait to wear a t-shirt again!

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