Bright Star

It has been confirmed. The average age on the cruise ship is 74! Even higher than we thought. Traveling with our small kids that have their whole life in front of them and yet surrounded by people that have lived most of it kind of makes you think. When you are no longer lowering the average age on a similar cruise ship, are you proud of your life? Of what you have accomplished? Did you do anything self-sacrificing to make this world a better place? What was your contribution to humanity? What more can I do to help our fragile planet that obviously is in need of help? How can I teach my kids to reach their full physical and spiritual potential? We hope world schooling is the answer for that!

(Saga trying to talk to a Sea turtle at NZ national aquarium and Wellington NZ)

There is no doubt that life is short and fragile. We found out that the code word for medical assistance onboard the cruise is “bright star”. Some of the crew members told us that almost on each and every cruise at least one person dies. This fact does not make me sad because they die on a journey while experiencing life. They leave us as a Bright Star!

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