Top ten at the gym

We boarded the Oosterdam this Sunday, which will be our home for the next 4 weeks. When standing in the line to board, I quickly realized that the average age was about 70. And since my new way of life is to think positively, I told Melissa that this means I will be at least among the top ten fittest at the gym. Given this newly inflated sense of physical self-importance, I decided to launch a new workout program called Freeletics. Freeletics are a variety of exercise routines completed as quickly as possible, 4 times a week. Today, the day after my first Freeletics workout, I literally cannot lift my arms. I am slowly realizing that this means I will have to struggle to maintain my position as one of the top ten fittest at the gym since there are many hungry 65 year olds that have an unspoken quest to push me off my newly constructed hill and given the look in their ice-cold experienced eyes, I do not think retreat nor surrender exists in their vocabulary… I am in for a struggle!

The kids are loving that half of the passengers would probably want to adopt them as grandchildren which leads to a lot of extra attention. During our first stop we just took it easy and found a great playground and beach to get out some energy. The food is fantastic on this boat so we feel the month ahead without cooking, cleaning or laundry will be as close to paradise as it gets.

Above, a picture of the battleground. No retreat no surrender!

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