The secret garden and Parakai hot springs

I have always wanted to have a nice garden, or at least be able to enjoy one. But it is so much work and I therefore credit everyone who has one. “Na Zilluns” northern island (closest to the equator) has a sub-tropical climate with a lot of rain and sunshine which is the perfect combo for gardeners. The place we are staying at is owned by Chris and Dave (and their dog Sam) that have truly done a garden right. They call it their secret garden, which is just lovely. But since it is secret, we won’t show a pic. I guess you will have to travel here to see it!

Pics from Camperdown’s beautifully landscaped property:



It was time to try out some hot springs, since NZ is a country of volcanic islands, after all. We drove to Parakai Springs, , which basically is a waterpark heated deep down from within the earth. Warm water and sunshine was a hit with the whole fam!


2 thoughts

  1. You wouldn’t need the earth to warm up the water back in Texas. It’s warm enough with the heat most of the year. Keep sharing these great pics.

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