Letting go

We have had to let go of a lot of possessions over the past 2 years. First we moved things from our Stockholm condo to the summer cottage, then from the summer cottage to Austin, and now from Austin to Belize. It wouldn’t seem like we have anything else to part with but somehow we still do. Now, we have one day before our big trip down under and I am still sitting in a room full of stuff with an undetermined home.

This reminds me of last night… where I even need to part with old traditions. The past two years on Halloween we have been in Houston and celebrated the night with the traditional route around my neighborhood that I had done so many years ago as a child. In my days, 20 or so neighborhood kids + respective parents got together for a full-blown party before we all headed out on bikes to gather candy from the houses. Every home was occupied and ready for the rush, and the sugar earnings from the night were enormous. The last few years has not been the same case. The majority of houses don’t even turn on a porch light and there are only a handful of kids residing on the street that go trick or treating in other neighborhoods. Sadly, my children see no other children around and knock on many doors with unanswered openings. Only one neighbor tries to perk things up with her traditional cookies and house filled of decorations. So next year, I think we will start the girls on a new tradition with one exception for a pit stop next store.



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