Does this mean home schooling?

Hmm, Homeschooling. Sounds like an effort. Is that really for us? Well we started to research and found that there are far more options than the traditional house-wife homeschooling. These are some examples:

CLASSICAL – Concrete, analytical, and abstract thinking

CHARLOTTE MASON – Religious-based

UNIT STUDIES – Takes a specific area of interest and uses it as a catalyst to develop an in-depth study that spans across all the major subject areas

ECLECTIC – Relaxed homeschooling

UNSCHOOLING – Not using a curriculum. Basing it on the child.

And then there is WORLD SCHOOLING. It can be done in two ways. Either you approach your child with a global approach from home, i.e. you learn about all cultures (not just teach about different cultures from your own society’s perspective).

The other way is to use the world as your classroom! This means…


In contrast to homeschooling, where all your learning is done at, or near, your home, when world schooling, wherever you are is your classroom.

Examples of world schooling:

  • Learning Japanese through language immersion in Japan
  • Studying marine biology by becoming SCUBA certified on a trip to Costa Rica
  • Exploring the arts and architecture on site-visits in Europe
  • Observing whale calving in the oceans of the Dominican Republic
  • Practicing yoga and meditation and investigating Buddhism and Hinduism in India
  • Introducing geology through the majestic beauty of the Swiss Alps, the Andes, Canadian Rockies or Himalayas

Rather than simply reading about things in books, your child experiences them in real life. (Read more about world schooling at

Needless to say, we have chosen world schooling with world travel…

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