Finding Hummingbird Haven

After numerous hours spent researching the internet for where in Belize we wanted to settle down, a few options stood out. We decided that we did want something that had a business element and that we did not want to spend the time building one from scratch — which indicated that we had to try to purchase an existing one. We also wanted an eco-element to the property, if not even fully sustainable. And since Belize is quite under-developed, pretty much every property had some “self-reliance” aspect. There were two good businesses for sale that we really liked but we weren’t ready to be the “sole owners” if we planned to be away part of the year. Coincidentally, there was another business (that wasn’t for sale) but Melissa had inquired about regardless. The answer on this one was that we could possibly buy it, but there was another choice to “buy-in” instead.

So in May 2013, I went down to Belize with my brother-in-law to take a closer look at these 3 potential paradises. After a flight to Cancun we decided to take the night bus to Belize city. The conclusion was that we were both too old and comfortable to backpack at our age and that such a bus adventure would only be talked about in the future and never again be practiced. We both value our sleep to much! We reached Belize City in the morning and took a cab to a car rental place called Crystal. We rented a JEEP and drove off. First destination was San Ignacio but the most important thing was for my Brother-In-Law to EAT. After barely an hour we found ourselves in a small village restaurant in the middle of the jungle serving awesome food for 1 USD. Upon reaching San Ignacio, which is one of Belize’s largest cities but really just a village by western standards, we met with a guy representing Hummingbird Haven named Robert, aka Bob. (Hummingbird Haven was the 3rd property mentioned above with the option to “buy-in”.) After sharing a meal and an extremely interesting discussion about life in general, we headed for Hummingbird Haven with Bob. The place took me off guard. I just knew it was it. The people we met in the eco-community / hostel were awesome and I felt that I couldn’t have done a better job creating it myself… which is rare since I sometimes, I admit with a declining frequency, act like the self-centered egotistical former-banker I once was.

Melissa could tell from the sound of my voice despite the terrible connection that I had found it. This is pretty much our conversation:

Magnus: (Noise) It… fantastic. (Muffle muffle) won’t b– it!

Melissa: Great!

Magnus: W-.. need… internet. (Muffle muffle) only.

Melissa: Awesome! Can’t hear you very well.

Magnus: (Muffle muffle) …beautiful!!

It was love at first sight! If you wish to know why you should visit Belize, click on this link

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