Narrowing it down

Why Belize?

Well, the criteria for our chosen tropical paradise had to fit a variety of parameters. Costa Rica was a top pick but unless you were retired, acquiring residency was quite costly. Panama was a great option too but it was farthest away of all Central American countries. Belize had a lot of pros and cons but we ultimately decided it was best due to its proximity, official language being English and the vast amount of un-used resources. It is truly pristine. Ironically, when Magnus and I visited Belize nine years ago, we even said that we saw ourselves living here in the future.

Most expats live near the ocean on white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters but we are going a bit more local… 30 min south of Belmopan, right next to the Blue Hole National Park. Fortunately, we are only 45 min from the beach… in case we get bored.


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